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-Wednesday(s) 4:30pm – 8:30pm
-Friday(s) 3:30pm – 8:30pm
-Sunday(s) 2:00pm –  7:00pm



Orrin Johnson, MA, LPC offers a reduced rate of $110.00 a session for individuals who do not have insurance or who would like to work with him outside of their ‘in-network’ insurance panel.

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Orrin Johnson, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

I work with adults of all backgrounds and identities, with an emphasis on mindfulness and the healing nature of the therapeutic relationship. I welcome people struggling with anxiety, depression, excessive worry, relationship issues, in spiritual crisis, or simply weighed down by the general heaviness of existence. I view therapy as an explorative process into the self, a journey that client and therapist traverse together. I place emphasis on the therapeutic relationship, using it as a lens by which to learn about how we exist in relationship with, and to others.

I am an advocate of taking a slow, cautious, and curious approach to looking at the nature of thoughts and emotions, and how they manifest into our behavior and actions. With practice and familiarity, focused by the strength of the therapeutic alliance, it becomes possible to accommodate a greater range of distressing mental states or disturbing emotions.

In my experience, joy and wisdom are inherent qualities of the mind at rest. Like clouds drifting across the sun, the intensity of emotions and habitual patterns can obscure these qualities. I am here to support the process of turning inwards to learn about the nature of thoughts and emotions, and a companion on the journey towards self-discovery.

“When mind looks at mind, it is joyful”

-Adolescents (Ages 15+)
-Anger Management
-Bipolar Disorder
-Chronic Pain
-Coping Skills
-Development Disorders
-Emotional Disturbance
-Family Conflict
-Internet Addiction
-Learning Disabilities
-Relationship Issues
-Self Esteem
-Substance Abuse
-Suicidal Ideation
-Trauma and PTSD
-Video Game Addiction

-Client-centered / Rogerian Therapy (CCT)
-Compassion Focused
-Experiential Therapy
-Person Centered


DEGREE M.A. Contemplative Psychology, The Naropa Institute
LICENSE Licensed Professional Counselor Colorado #0020019


Therapist Private Practice, Boulder, CO
Therapist Healing Connections Collective, CO
Therapist Integrating Insights, Boulder, CO
Teaching Assistant Naropa University, Bouder, CO