Jordan Yates, LPCC
-Individual Counseling
-Couples Counseling

Entering into therapy is a brave act for any individual or couple. If you are looking for a supportive and easy-to-talk-to therapist to help you achieve your goals, I may be a good fit. I help couples communicate more effectively so that each person feels valued, heard and appreciated. I support clients in attaining post traumatic growth, relief from overwhelming emotions, and create affirming meanings around their life experiences. My clients explore long held patterns, and improve self-awareness and self-esteem through their process. As a transpersonal therapist I take a holistic approach aimed at addressing a client’s mental, physical, social, emotional, creative and intellectual needs which will help facilitate healing and growth.

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Erica Shure, LPCC

Erica Shure, LPCC
-Individual Counseling

Born in North Carolina and raised in Georgia. Erica is half Okinawaiian Japanese and American Russian Jew. She graduated from Naropa University with an MA in Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling. With great attention to what makes each of us unique, Erica loves to support clients in feeling more whole as themselves. Our journeys as humans can feel quite isolating and confusing. Erica has had the training to work with cases involving human rights, social justice, and domestic violence. With the capacity to hold the light just as much as the dark, she specializes in domestic violence, trauma, and anxiety, and is training to learn more about how to treat OCD. Erica utilizes Mindfulness-based Therapy, Gestalt, DBT, CBT, and ExRP to assist clients in navigating their journeys.

It is important that clients find comfort in their own process as well as the working relationship over time. The emphasis on comfort brings Erica great joy in knowing that clients feel well taken care of.

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Welcome to Krupnick Counseling Associates

Krupnick Counseling Associates (KCA) is a premiere, multi-specialty group practice in Longmont, Colorado.  KCA was founded in 2000 and is comprised of uniquely talented therapists, with decades of experience, who are passionate about their work and are committed to offering the highest-quality mental health treatment and support.  

Krupnick Counseling Associates is here because we believe in the power of healing and change.  Our work goes beyond targeting certain symptoms; we aim to help clients find meaning and purpose in their lives, unlock creative potential, and strengthen relationships with themselves and others.  We fundamentally believe in the process of change and enjoy contributing to healthy transitional periods and life changes.  KCA therapists partner with clients in their unique process of learning, growth and change. We believe the most productive therapy experience is one of mutual trust, respect, and collaboration.  We are committed to an open environment with a focus on integrity, inclusiveness, and meaningful work with the goal that our clients can better enjoy, connect with, and contribute to their world.  We work with individuals and families through all ages and stages of life offering individual, couples and family therapy.

Krupnick Counseling Associates is an overflow provider for Kaiser Permanente as well as a trusted mental health resource for area physicians, employers, insurance panels, faith and community leaders.  We currently offer both in-person and teletherapy for your preference, convenience, and safety.

Our friendly and efficient office staff will assist you in making an appointment and will also provide a courtesy benefit check.  Our practice also offers reduced rates for individuals who are working outside of insurance.  

 Whatever you need, our compassionate team of therapists has one goal: helping you attain peace of mind to be your best self.  The journey of therapy takes courage.  Let us come alongside you, to help guide and support you through the process.  We offer a safe and open atmosphere free of judgment and grounded in authenticity.

Rhonda Beaupre, LMFT

Don Emmerich, LCSW

Orrin Johnson, LPCC

Kerry Luke, Psy.D

Lisa Moffitt, LPC

Janet W. Ready, LCSW

Anna Samsonova, LPCC

Kathryn Tinich, LPCC

Jacki Vosper, LCSW

Cairn Yakey, LPC

Todd Carr, Psy.D

Dina Huber, LPCC

Benjamin Keating, LPCC

Sabrina Manzo, SWC

Sarah Nicholson, LPCC

John P. Richardson, PhD

Erica Shure, LPCC

Sheila Trabelsi, LPC

Jennifer Weise, LPC

Jordan Yates, LPCC

Evan Correy, LCSW

Alison Jennings, LCSW

Gretchen Leezer, LPC

Lisa Michaels, LPC

Judith Partin, LPC

Michelle Rincon, LPC

Lisa Stone, LPC

Kimberly Travis, LCSW

Craig Winsor, MFTC