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Kimberly Travis, MSW, LCSW offers a reduced rate of $125.00 a session for individuals who do not have insurance or who would like to work with her outside of their ‘in-network’ insurance panel.

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“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, knowing suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.  These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern.  Beautiful people do not just happen.”  – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Kimberly Travis, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Do you feel sad, overwhelmed or stuck?  Are you facing a difficult life transition or maybe you are struggling in your relationship?  The circumstances of life can leave us feeling alone and uncertain of what lies ahead.  We are more than our problems. We were not designed to face these deep challenges alone.  Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, stress, aging, family conflict or life transitions, I’m here to work with you.  In our deeply isolated and atomized society, seeking help can be a radical act.  It can also require a leap of faith; you are trusting that someone you do not know will be able to help you navigate the challenges you face.  By being here, you have already begun the work that will set you on a path toward greater connectedness and contentment.  My passion is helping and together we will co-create ways for you to find hope, meaning, identify patterns, overcome obstacles and develop a pathway to meet your goals.

I work with adolescents age 16 through adults offering individual, couples and family counseling.  I aim to create a safe and compassionate space to help you understand your experiences and relationships with greater ease and more joy.  Deep, loving and mutually gratifying relationships can happen in many configurations.  In a non-judgmental way, I work to support you in having the relationships you want to have with the people you love.

Couples Counseling

Coming into loving connection with someone else is such an essential part of being alive and full, an interesting journey to set out on.  But it’s not always an obvious journey.  Often, in the process of becoming closer and more attached, patterns develop in relating that may not result in the joyful intimacy that is longed for.  Injuries and vulnerabilities can complicate and cloud closeness. As a couples counselor, I pull from a variety of methods to support and assist couples to gently identify their core challenges and explore new solutions. I help couples to articulate unmet needs, working to establish compassion and understanding for the loneliness and suffering that can arise in relationships. This typically softens hardened attitudes and creates a safe ground for interest in and inquiry about destructive relational patterns. Couples counseling slows down communication and provides time to think and reflect. Couples sometimes tell me that just the presence of a witness (the therapist) to their relational dynamics, creates a difference that enables them to hear each other differently.  Through this process, my clients have experienced increased communication and respect for themselves and their partners.

Family Counseling

Families can be messy. We love them but sometimes we have difficulty getting along with them. You may have troubles ranging from parenting adult children to assisting aging parents. If your adult children are “failing to launch”, you may need assistance in helping them on their way. If you’re caring for a family member with chronic or end-of-life illness, you may need help working as a team to get through the tough times.

I offer adult family counseling and can assist in exploring, naming, owning mistakes, shame resilience, repair, forgiveness, trust building, communication building and healing.  It is important to know, we are not blame seeking when we do this work together.  We enter the stories of your shared lives with curiosity, compassion, empathy, seeking understanding, healing and forward momentum toward and life you can love sharing with each other to whatever degree you decide is suitable to your relationships.

Every family is unique and special in their own way. Family therapy is tool used to help families navigate family challenges, improve communication, eliminate generational patterns, and unhealthy systems that keep families stuck.

-Anger Management
-Behavioral Issues
-Bipolar Disorder
-Borderline Personality
-Career Counseling
-Chronic Pain
-Coping Skills
-Dual Diagnosis
-Family Conflict
-Geriatric Therapy
-Medication Management
-Peer Relationships
-Relationship Issues
-Self Esteem
-Stress Management
-Suicidal Ideation

-Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)
-Client-centered / Rogerian Therapy (CCT)
-Compassion Focused
-Couples Counseling
-Culturally Sensitive
-Life Coaching
-Person Centered
-Strength based


DEGREE Master of Social Work, University Of Denver
LICENSE Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Colorado #09929160


Medical Social Work Team Lead Gateway Hospice, Denver CO
Medical Social Work Elevation Hospice, Denver CO
Care Coordinator Maternity Team Colorado Community Health Alliance, Denver CO
Medical Social Work Care at Home Hospice