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LGBTQI+ Affirming Care

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Craig Winsor, LPCC
Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

Every need and story deserves attention.

Whether it is immediate circumstances, long-term curiosity, or something so faint you can barely hear its prompting, something real has brought you here.  Your life has given you the gift and the struggle of being ‘different’ from dominant culture. Whether you have known this your whole life, or are just discovering something new and beautiful about yourself, welcome! Your whole self belongs here. I have experience and a passion for serving the LGBTQIA+ community.  I work with folks questioning their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, moving through all stages of social and medical gender transitions, exploring the difference between what’s ‘me’ and what’s internalized or cultural stigma, and working with marginalization.  My work with clients often focuses on themes of agency, shame resolution, and self-acceptance. I specialize in working with trauma, relationships, substance abuse and LGBTQ+ issues. Depending on your needs and goals, we may explore the impact of the past on the present, focus on addressing present day challenges, or some combination of the two. As a systems therapist, I aim to be mindful and curious about the impact of relational and sociocultural contexts on my clients.

Relationships and families of all kinds are welcome in my practice.  I offer knowledgeable, affirming therapy care for people in multiple relationships (open, poly, consensually non-monogamous, etc) as well as colleague or friendship relationships.  Whether this is a work relationship, monogamous marriage, parent/teen relationship in a blended family, or one of the relationships in your polycule, we can find solutions together.  The single greatest protective/healing factor in all of these are our supportive relationships.

I believe therapy starts with the kindest of hearts, respect and radical acceptance.  My work is trauma informed, LGBTQIA+ affirming, and draws upon rich psychodynamic, narrative, cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavior, person-centered, and mindfulness-based theories and techniques.  I am committed to perpetuating and furthering opportunities for healing, liberation, and growth for the gender diverse, trans, and nonbinary people I have the honor to work with.

Although it may sometimes feel like you are along, you are not.  If you feel a resonance, reach out now and a care coordinator will assist you in scheduling your initial appointment.  I hope we can join together as a team and face these challenges in strength and hope.  I will listen.