Welcome to Krupnick Counseling Associates

Here you will find brief introductions about the twenty-four psychotherapists who are colleagues in our group practice founded in 2000.

Clients come to us through word of mouth, on referral from physicians, faith leaders, and other community resources.

For eighteen years we have been entrusted by a number of employers as the sole employee assistance counseling program for their employees. These employers include The Dacono Police Department, Frederick Police Department, Longmont Housing Authority, MicroMotion, The City of Mead, and Western Disposal.

Among us we have a broad range of expertise and special interests.

Krupnick Counseling Associates is a group of experienced, licensed mental health professionals in Longmont.  We work with a broad range of clients and a wide variety of problems. Working together as a team helps us assure that new clients will see the best possible therapist for their particular problem and situation.  Our clients benefit from our ability to work with other colleagues.

We see clients Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM through 9:00 PM and on Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM. We strive to schedule initial appointments within five days, or sooner in cases of crisis.

Our efficient office and billing staff will make sure potential clients know what their insurance will cover and what their co-pay will be when seeing one of our therapists.

Heather Bean, PhD

Todd Carr, Psy.D

Elizabeth Lewis, LPC

Lisa Moffitt, LPC

Suzanne Palmer, LPC

John P. Richardson, LPC

Lisa Stone, LPC

Chelsey Vest, LCSW

Rhonda Beaupre, LMFT

Andrea Dugan, LPC

Kerry Luke, Psy.D

Lesley Moran, LPC

Janet W. Ready, LCSW

Michelle Rincon, LPC

Sheila Trabelsi, LPC

Jacki Vosper, LCSW

Benjamin White, LCSW

Jon Blauw

Jon Blauw, Psy.D

Richard Jones, PhD

Lisa Michaels, LPC

Jerome Myerson, LPC

Janine Reed, LMFT

Jane Seymour, LCSW

Minh Tran, LMFT

Jennifer Weise, LPC